Bridge 🌉

Deposit (Bridge) To Era

L2 Bridge

If you want a fast way to bridge from ETH mainnet or from another L2 to zkSync, you can do so by using Orbiter Finance

Official Bridge

  1. Official link for Era Mainnet is - head on over there and connect your wallet

  2. Enter amount of ETH or any other asset you'd like to bridge. Keep in mind you'll need to have ETH to cover the Tx cost Alternatively, you can choose another wallet to which bridged funds will be deposited into

  3. Click "Deposit" and it should take no more than 5 minutes🕒

Withdraw (Bridge) From Era

Withdrawing from Era is same process as depositing, although take note that:

To ensure security in the first days of the protocol, there is a 24 hour delay on withdrawals from zkSync Era (L2) to Ethereum (L1). See our blog post for more details.

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