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From the graph we see there are features only available for Premium Pass holders. With this, zkMarkets wants to show appreciation to the most active and loyal users of the platform. Premium Pass is available to purchase on the open market. Everyone is welcome to join the zkMarkets family!

Tool overview

  • Rarity Ranking: Each item is given a color graded rarity rank.

  • Price Overview: Track the floor price and last bought price of collections you own or want.

  • Graph View: View buying statistics of a collection using a graphical interface.

  • Transfer NFTs: Transfer multiple NFTs to a different wallet at once.

  • Mass Refresh: Quickly refresh the metadata of a whole collection.

  • Batch Buy: Buy or list multiple NFTs at once.

  • Activity Alert: Get notified when new listings or sales happen.

  • Upcoming Mints: Exclusive access to upcoming mints

  • Mass Bid: Send offers to multiple NFTs at once.

  • Quick Buy: Save time with one-click purchases.

  • Performance Overview: Visual overview of your revenue, spending, ROI, and activity.

  • Inventory Value: Check the minimal value of your NFT collection.

  • Instant Rarity Raking: See rankings of an asset collection upon reveal.

  • Market Fee: Fee charged by zkMarket on every transaction.

Listings on zkMarkets require an initial approval that costs gas. All subsequent listings are gasless.

For Collections

If you'd like to get your NFT collection listed on zkMarkets, join our Discord and open up ticket and let us know what project you represent, after which please refer to following Form: Listing Form Once you submit the information, we'll reach out to you via Discord.

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