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Paymaster Revolution on zkMarkets


In the blockchain world, Paymasters are changing the game by offering gasless transactions through zkSync's account abstraction. This innovative approach allows users to execute transactions without worrying about gas fees, using any ERC-20 token as payment. At zkMarkets, we leverage this technology to provide a frictionless trading experience, supporting a variety of Paymaster services that cater to different user needs, including token-specific payments and sponsored gas fees.

zkMarkets Paymasters: Cross-Platform and User-Friendly

zkMarkets introduces two main types of Paymasters: token-specific and sponsoring types. These Paymasters are designed to be cross-platform, extending their benefits to aggregated listings aswell (ie. Element Market)

  • txSync Paymaster: Focuses on enabling gasless trading within token-gated communities, starting with Moody Mights, facilitating 0% gas fee trading on zkMarkets.

  • Zyfi Paymaster: Offers sponsored gas fees (e.g., 20% off with USDC.e) and is working on introducing token-gated Paymasters, similar to txSync, along with incentives like governance token distribution to its users.

  • Holdstation Paymaster: Allows payments with alternative ERC-20 tokens (e.g., $meow, $HOLD) at a reduced gas fee rate.

This innovative ecosystem ensures a more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective trading experience for users, reinforcing zkMarkets' position as a leader in the Paymaster revolution.

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