Smart Accounts

Welcome to zkMarkets integration of native Account Abstraction (AA) features, we're thrilled to introduce Smart Accounts (SA) - a revolutionary step towards enhancing user security and experience


Note that our Smart Accounts are still in beta. They utilize EIP721 signatures and might be a bit difficult to understand at the current stage. But don't worry, we're close to releasing an extraordinary enhancement for this:

Metamask Snap for zkSync Users: Coming Soon 🦊

That's right! We're working on a Metamask extension specifically designed for zkSync users. This extension will unlock the full potential of Smart Accounts on zkMarkets, making your experience smoother and more intuitive.

The metamask snap will enable the full release of Smart Accounts. While in beta, we welcome you to test out Smart Accounts:


Smart Accounts serve as secure, customizable wallets, offering a robust alternative to traditional externally owned accounts (EOA).


Before leveraging the power of Smart Accounts, you'll need to deploy one. Since Smart Accounts operate as smart contracts, here's how to get started:

  1. Deploy Your Smart Account: Visit our Smart Account Deployment Page to begin.

  2. Setup Instructions: Follow the user-friendly on-screen instructions to successfully deploy your Smart Account.

Features of Smart Accounts

Smart Accounts introduce an array of features designed to enhance your digital asset management experience:

Security Features

  • Lock/Unlock: Instantly secure your account with lock feature, preventing any transactions during periods of inactivity or concern.

  • Change Signers: Easily change the authorized signer of your Smart Account by using the Guardians feature for enhanced security.

  • Spending Limits: Set daily or transactional spending limits to protect your assets from unauthorized use.

Usability Features

  • Multicall Transactions: Execute multiple transactions in a single call, saving on gas fees and enhancing efficiency. On zkMarkets you can use the CART to utilize multicall.

  • Paymasters: Utilize paymasters to handle transaction fees, allowing for more flexible asset management. (ETA for paymasters is Q1 2024)

Managing Your Smart Account

Our user interface is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Here’s how you can manage your Smart Account through our UI:

  • Under user settings: Get a quick glimpse of your Smart Account status, including current spending limits and guardians set.

  • Setting Spending Limits: set 'Spending Limits' to adjust your daily limits.

  • Managing Guardians: Add or remove guardians by navigating to the 'Guardians' section.

For Guardian Accounts

If you're a guardian of an account, you have specific capabilities to ensure its security:

  • Lock Account: Secure the account by initiating a lock, preventing any transactions from taking place until further action is taken.

  • Vote to Unlock: Participate in the decision-making process to unlock the account, allowing transactions to resume.

  • Vote to Change Signer: Collaborate with other guardians to change the authorized signer of the account, ensuring the account's security and adaptability.

We reach guardian consensus by reaching the 50% threshold (rounded up).

Threshold in case of 3 Guardians is 2/3

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