Premium Pass

At zkMarkets, we're all about innovation. Our NFT collections, starting with zkEagles, aren't just art pieces; they're a symbol of that innovation. Each NFT under our banner symbolizes a premium pass, granting holders a suite of exclusive benefits.

Holders of the zkEagles NFT (and its successors) enjoy unparalleled perks such as

  • Access to rarity on all collections,

  • Zero trading fees

and an invite to a confidential Discord community where they get early information on special NFT listings, giving them the edge to snag the most coveted pieces at the best rates.

As we expand into new zk-rollup chains, our dedication to the Premium Pass concept grows even stronger. With each new chain, zkMarkets will release a unique NFT collection, each serving as its own Premium Pass. These collections are designed with artistry, community input, and a commitment to ongoing support.

Here's a quick look at our popular collections, each representing the Premium Pass on their respective chains:

NetworkCollectionTotal SupplyDeployment

zkSync Era


800 zkEagles



1000 Scribes

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