zkMarkets is driven by a passionate and skilled team:

Nino aka 0xMorgosh - Technical Lead & Integration

Talented full stack developer with 7 years of experience in programming. Nino worked on successful projects on IMX, he created a Marketplace and built award-winning tools for NFT collections, which can also be used on discord through his bot. He studied machine learning algorithms, like the practical implementation of machine learning in board games. With his brilliant mind and work, Nino is the moving core of zkMarkets.

"It works on my machine...".

JF - Strategic Growth

JF dedicated his life to the inner arts. He is studying and practicing health and spirituality for over 10 years. With his calm mind, project building skills, and passion burning in his heart, he finds the best opportunities for the growth of the project. Diving deep, Jean is the light of zkMarkets.

"To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders."

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