L2 NFT marketplace
Attention NFT collectors, creators, and enthusiasts alike! Dive into zkMarkets, your destination for an unparalleled NFT marketplace experience. With diverse in-house NFT collections such as zkEagles for zkSync and Scribes for Scroll, zkMarkets pioneers next-gen NFT trading. Every transaction is lightning-fast and ultra-secure, all thanks to innovative L2 protocols.
When you secure a premium pass, like the zkEagle for zkSync or the Scribe for Scroll, a world of exclusivity unfolds before you. These premium passes unlock benefits including 0% market fees, early sneak peeks, and lavish rewards. However, even without a premium pass, the competitive fees are low, the marketplace invites all to explore and support the exceptional artists behind each NFT creation. Moreover, as a cherished member of our community, you'll witness the platform's constant evolution, offering more features and benefits to enrich your NFT journey.
There's still more in store! zkMarkets' launchpad is your gateway to the future of NFTs, spotlighting emerging talents and their projects. Secure the next big NFT sensations before they skyrocket in popularity.
It has plenty of different tools that are useful for any NFT collector!
Ready to venture into the NFT realm? Follow our guides to integrate L2 network of your choice and transition your assets to the L2.