Premium Pass

Premium pass grants unique utilities to its holders
Premium Pass: Your Gateway to Exclusive Utilities
At zkMarkets, we revere innovation. Our NFT collections, starting with zkEagles, were more than just art pieces; they were a testament to this spirit of innovation. Each NFT under our banner symbolizes a premium pass, granting holders a suite of exclusive benefits.
Holders of the zkEagles NFT (and its successors) enjoy unparalleled perks such as zero trading fees and an invite to a confidential Discord community where they gain early intel on special NFT listings, positioning them to secure the most sought-after pieces at prime rates.
As we venture into new zk-rollup chains, our commitment to the Premium Pass concept only strengthens. With every new chain, zkMarkets will launch an exquisite NFT collection, each symbolizing its respective Premium Pass. These collections are conceived with artistry, the voice of our community, and a promise of sustained support.
Below is an overview of our acclaimed collections, representing the Premium Pass on their respective chains:
Total Supply
zkSync Era
800 zkEagles
1000 Scribes